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Academy Operating




The academy will function as a non-profit organization. It will enable people from all walks of life and all economical abilities to participate, through scholarships and donations of good will. The academy  will be established in Israel, an area contaminated by war and violence throughout the ages, an area crying out for change, calm, and tranquility. In a remote land in the Arava; an oasis in the desert. A resort which  is constructed in a manner of ecological principles, being sensitive to the surrounding, built with natural material, related to the local culture and  resources.
Its existence essentially implements principles of harmony with the environment through ecological construction methods.


The resort   is being   built out of local materials, in accordance with existing construction methods and culture in the vicinity. It uses the abundant solar energy in the area, causing minimal environmental pollution. Water will mainly come from an inexhaustible source of half brackish groundwater reserves that will be treated.


The Academy is being built gradually and in stages. The construction process is  a learning process in itself. Students will take part in the construction stage as part of their studies.  We believe in ongoing change and renewal in studies, designs and construction. Just as life is a continual flow of growth and growing in processes of acceptance and peacemaking.

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