Dr. Daniel Nave

A lecturer in the Anthropology Department at Bar-Ilan University and the School of Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University, Daniel Nave lived for a year among the Nayakas, a society of hunter-gatherers in the rainforests of southern India. His research focuses on the manner in which people in hunter-gatherer societies perceive nature and on the differences between this concept and those of other societies around the world.


In parallel with his academic research, Dr. Nave invests in experiencing and training in different forms of traditional meditation (Jnana, Kundalini Yoga and the Course in Miracles). He has a doctorate in anthropology, an MA in Prehistoric Archeology and other degrees in History and Education. During the 1990s, he participated in archeological digs at prehistoric sites dating from different periods.

Content and Training Methods:
The content presents the relationship between peace and the environment, the wisdom of listening and peace which emanates from self-knowledge.


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