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Moa is a new ecological village that was established few years ago
In the Arava desert in Israel.
The new settlement cover 60,000 s.m. of land in the middle of the desert
Built on an ecological principle of merging with the existing natural landscape
With much sensitivity and sustainability.

•  The development of the site is around an ecological pond from local ground water which are biologically purified.
•  The built environment is integrated in the magical desert landscape And enables the visitors to experience the natural

     beauty in its own beauty
•  The building are a single story structures built from local sand stones which were manufactured manually on the site.
•  All building materials are natural such as: wood, bamboo, sand stones and canvas.
•  Water supply is a nearby well of deep ground water.
• Use of renewable energy is mainly in use.

Already now, only three years since Moa opened its gates to the public, Moa became a well-known resort, where visitors and tourist fall in love With the place.


The architect Mr. Josef Kiriaty, who envision, designed and created the place from a deep desire to establish an ecological sustainable resort which is in full harmony with its surrounding, meant to dedicate the resort as an infrastructure for peace education.

The resort consist of large facility hall. Seminar and class rooms lodging for up to 100 people in wide variety of spacy rooms, majestically tents, and Bedouin tent. Amphitheatre for musical events, a large garden with palm and olive trees where

a stream of water is flowing through and a natural pond.
The resort is fully operated, holding seminars and workshops in deferent activities such as Yoga, Meditation, Health and purification, Dance therapy, musical events, intercultural gatherings and many other functions which are based on equality, tolerance, harmony in order to promote peace.


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