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Faculties Peace Academy

Peace and harmony in human relations in the world

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Department of self-behavior


Inner peace is the foundation for peace and harmony on all the varying levels of human existence. A person at ease with himself will not generate violence in his environment but will know how to manage and allay violence around him.

Various life philosophies and religions have made the achievement of inner peace a cardinal challenge for people to accomplish.
* Different methods to achieve inner peace
* The different meditation and yoga techniques
* Stress release
* The essence of inner conflict
* East-west philosophies
* Various therapeutic methods.

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Department of communication and personal studies


Interpersonal relationships constitute the foundations of society. The sanctity of human life and relationships and education towards human relations and mutual respect are crucial for the existence of human society. Behavioral science, human psychology, and the art of harmonious relations and personal communication are the focus and the basis for the existence of a healthy society.

the studies will include :
* Family values in different cultures
*  Work relationships
* Nonviolent communication
* Love and relationships
* Process of arbitration
* Human rights
* The process to “sulcha” and reconciliation in different cultures
* The teaching of equality, non violence and tolerance in schools for the young generation.


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Department of social studies


We live in a mixed society of varying religions, races, cultures, ages, etc. Contradicting social, economical  and cultural gaps create tensions, violence and alienation. At this breaking point we must learn about and emphasize what we share, our similarities, being constructive in order to create a harmonious, open and secure life.

Subject matters will include:
* Human rights
* Minority’s rights
* The history of democracy
* The teaching of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and other inspirational leaders
* Mutual coexistence

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Department of international studies


There have always been violent world conflicts between peoples and nations that have often reached a peaceful solution after many wars and irreversible damage. The aim of the Department is to explore, learn and train people in all subjects related to peaceful conflict resolution. This school will cover subjects dealing with peaceful relations between nations.

* The history of peace treaties
* Peaceful resolution of international conflicts
*  The art of negotiation
* The “united nations” and nongovernmental peace organizations  role
* Disarmament of nuclear and conventional weapons
* International law
* Shifting the weapon industry workforce to the production of life-affirming products.

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Department of environmental studies


Human beings  actions for personal welfare have continuously and severely harmedthe environment and nature. The purpose of environmental studies is to learn, explore,and understand the delicate fabric of the balance of nature and our responsibility tomaintain that balance.To train people in all types of actions and functions required for environmentalprotection.


The school will include studies related to:

* Natural resource preservation

* Prevention of environmental infection, pollution and toxicities

* Recycling of waste and garbage

* Local and global issues such as: world warming, rain forests, ozone layer, etc.

* Any other subjects which will enable men to live in harmony with the environment.

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