Lama Dvora – Hella

Guide in the Buddhist tradition for many years, in particular according to Tibetan traditions, Lama Dvora is a student of Khen Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Tharchin, a Tibetan teacher who was the head of the Sera Monastery and master of the Buddhist Tantra and who is considered the “First among the first” of modern Buddhism. Geshe Michael Roach, the first American to be awarded the Geshe degree, was his student.


Among the other important teachers under whom Lama Dvora has studied are Art Engle, Lama Christie McNally, the 14th Dalai Lama, and Zopa Rinpoche. Lama Dvora holds advanced degrees in mathematics and computer science and has taught mathematics for 20 years at different universities, worked in the prestigious Bell Labs in the USA, and been employed in analytic research by a financial company on Wall Street.
Lama Dvora has completed a 6-year program in advanced Buddhism at Diamond Mountain University in Arizona, USA, and in April 2014 she did a 3-year solitary retreat in the same place.
Lama Dvora teaches Dharma and other texts of the ancient Indian and Tibetan Dharma and Yoga, both in the US and Israel, and has been a staff member.
Lama Dvora also translates classical Buddhist and Tibetan texts into Hebrew, focusing on the Yoga tradition. She invests a great deal of effort and resources to promoting the Dharma tradition and peace in our area.

Content and Training Methods:
Peace and nonviolence in the Buddhist tradition.


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