Liat Ishay

A student and teacher walking the path for over 25 years, Liat Ishay is an initiator, artist, writer and guide to Peaceful Living – an inspirational journey to promote self-knowledge and peace in man and his surroundings as a practical and useful tool in daily life. Yoga and White Tantra Master, Shay trains teachers and personal and group guides for journeys of being and synced communication, in Israel and abroad.


She is the founder of the “Simply Do” association and is also currently active in the Simply Peace movement for developing leadership and awareness. She is the initiator of the concept behind the unique project “AB Love” – a platform for sharing between artists and creators, spiritual persons and content from all around the world, bringing them all together into the creation of a culture of peace.

Content and Training Methods:

‘Perspective’ – (the dictionary meaning) from the limited personal point of view . Each and every one will have the option, responsibility and opportunity for healing – Relation Shift.
We will draw new lines, learn new practical tools, practice western and eastern techniques, study empowerment cards and reflection papers , and reexamine concepts and terms. The workshop program includes music, breathing techniques, guided imagery, writing, discussion, movement, meditation, practical learning and experience and discussion of many unanswered questions. Individual and group discussion will be organized either in a hall or outdoors in nature. The dynamic and creative space will be created by the participants present at the time. The workshop will create a favorable environment for observing and working with emotional movement, stream of thought, behavioral patterns, constructed obstacles, and the alchemy of the moment.
The mind is confused; the ego refuses to forgive; a strong will to control holds tight, judgment and criticism reign; anger, guilt, and obstacles to awareness refuse to cooperate. But suddenly the heart remembers, and that suffices to allow a single, clear insight, the release in the smallness of humanity, the revelation of the values in each and every one, and the awakening to the great importance and value of peaceful relations – interpersonally and universally.


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