Emma Sham-Ba Ayalon

BFA from the Art Academy, Bezalel, an ordained Jewish Renewal Rabbi, chaplain, artist, poet, peace activist and woman of vision. one of the vision holders for the creation of a Peace Research Village in the Middle East. her path is deeply connected and inspired by many years of engagement in the healing biotope - Tamera - Portugal.



We will  get to know the connection between inner and outer peacework, and the need of building a community - or a social model that implements and demonstrates a culture of peace at all levels of life including love and sexuality as an essential aspect of peacework. We will get inspiration from Tamara's political theory that claims that  there is a real possibility of creating a future without war, a future where there is enough water, energy, food and love for all mankind. According to the political theory, a small group of people can have a global impact if they manage to do the necessary critical turning point needed in our times - we will connect with our own vision and check how this this vision touches our deepest questions. We will experience vision work,  textual study, conversation, sharing, inner work and group work.


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