Galia Halfi (Adv, peace maker)

Founder of Beshalom Disputes Settlement Center and develops the method of 'Ladder'.

During her work as a lawyer Galia felt that the areas of Law and Mediation do not address real conflicts settlement, leaving the disputants wounded and emotionally un- balanced. She went on a journey, during which she discovered and developed the method of 'Ladder', and wrote a book detailing the work through this method.

Learning a new language; the language of the ‘Ladder’:

Speaking the language of the Ladder means to enter the shoes of others, taking responsibility, forgive and create order from chaos through a list of practical steps to realize the new order. We use the Ladder as a scale to rise.

During the meetings we will experience together the power of the Ladder each time with another volunteer while the entire class actually climbs the scale on the same issue on the agenda. The process is experienced by the volunteer and by other members of the group. The meetings are experiential and during them a new language absorbed through original thinking that changes the perception of life and that helps us to rise to the place that we aspire to reach.

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